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Health Safety and Environmenta
Health Safety and Environmenta
HSE Management System

Management policy
People-oriented, prevention; refinement, innovation, sincere service.

HSE Goals
no accidents, no pollution, no harm

Basic Principles
Staff firmly establish the "health-oriented, safety first, environmental protection, prevention first" concept. Leading to each employee from the company directly bear the responsibility to prevent accidents.

Health and Safety Environmental Management
The implementation of safe production responsibility system, strengthen security organization and leadership, the full realization of safe production.
To comprehensively improve the quality of personnel, so that the safety and unswerving efforts to environmental training, organizational learning environmental regulations, risk analysis, SOS first aid, accident investigation and statistical topics such as training to enable service personnel to establish a good safety and environmental protection concepts, master basic health safety and environmental protection policies and knowledge and skills.
To ensure compliance and to seriously implement the client side of the "quality and safety requirements of environmental protection", actively working with customers to work together and jointly improve their safety and environmental protection.
We will take side with our customers health, safety and environmental protection concepts in a manner consistent to perform all of the work plan will be effective in all fields of health, safety and environmental protection as the management of an organic whole, the safety and health of employees as the most fundamental consideration content, and through the implementation of reliable technology, processes and procedures to avoid adverse effects on the environment.

Health and Safety Environmental Management
Insist on the implementation of HSE risks, the problem rectification feedback system;
Adhere to the leadership of key installations and vital part of the contractor, the implementation of HSE inspection voting system;
Insist on regular safety inspection system to carry out safety inspections of professional and comprehensive examination;
Develop and constantly improve the incident response plan, regular exercise, commanders and staff to improve emergency response capabilities.