Production Quality Control
The company has passed ISO9000 quality system certification.
The company has established a comprehensive quality management system, improve the quality of testing methods and quality control measures to ensure that the product design, production process and stable quality to meet customer's requirements.

Company's quality management measures:
Leaders attach importance to quality management to achieve full participation in
Companies to set up general manager is responsible for the quality management committee. Responsible for internal product (service) quality management and decision-making, meets monthly and regular meetings to study and solve problems in the production process and impact of products (services) quality problems. The company's products (services) quality depends on the quality of each process, the quality of each process in turn depends on everyone's quality of work. Therefore must continue to improve everyone's ability level, overall quality, quality consciousness.

Company's quality management measures:
To improve staff quality consciousness and quality of work
A, the implementation of quality management by objectives, economic responsibility system, sub-contract responsibility system and so on. To develop technical standards, quality standards and working standards, and strictly implemented in every position up to each employee, that "the quality of one-vote veto" system, first in command is responsible for clearly defined departments concentrating on quality work, which from the organization, resources and on the effective implementation of quality assurance;
B, attached great importance to the quality of knowledge, staff training, to encourage quality and innovation and enhance the quality of management;
C, the quality awareness of education and training on the quality of the work of an important position. Through full participation in various activities to mobilize the enthusiasm of quality control.

Company's quality management measures:
Ensure the effective operation of quality management system
Quality management system is for the better realization of products (services) quality assurance system established, it should be integrated in the actual work, not only to carry out quality management system audit, but also to effectively carry out the process of auditing and product inspection, so that quality control quality control system and effective combination of in-kind. Effectively ensure the product (service) quality, stability and improvement.

Quality Control Management:
Quality control is a whole process of management, so that from the source to the consumer terminal, attention to every aspect, so that the whole process does not Lou Xiang, the key points to elaborate.

Control the quality of design and development
A good quality product will certainly be a good design foundation. To establish and foster a high level of knowledge and cultural qualities with a professional market research team, accurately grasp the pulse of the market, obtain first-hand information, thus ensuring the design and development can be targeted, the newly developed product can quickly capture the market;
Small batch production early in the product well enough to the non-normal tests, and attention to every possible hidden dangers, in the early put to solve quality problems; to prepare the transition of new products, experiments must be in place to improve. On a regular basis to sum up the results on the development stage, and linked with the market conditions to ensure that the new product (service) is more effective.

Procurement Quality Control
The external procurement of goods to develop procurement. Standards should be practical, effective, reasonable, and it is necessary to facilitate the use of procurement staff, but also for procurement personnel evaluation standards. At the same time to develop rigorous procurement control procedures to ensure that the procurement of goods quality.

Quality Control Service
Company to establish a high-quality after-sales service team, quick to gather customer feedback, will improve the quality of the relevant information as input to tackle the problems of quality of service to ensure continuous improvement of quality of service, so that to meet customer needs.

Control the production process quality
On raw materials and purchased materials testing;
The production process of all processes under strict quality supervision:
The production process in the middle of the synthesis of body inspection and monitoring;
Focus on the key process for inspection and control;
Inspection and testing of finished products;
Inspection process is found defective, they can promptly take the necessary corrective and preventive measures.