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Service Quality Control

The company has a strong technical capability, marketing and experienced sales and service teams. Established a customer-centric sales service system. To rely on sound, stable and continuous innovation of products, through networking, information technology, and fine-oriented sales and service management, and to provide customers with high-quality, long-term technical support and satisfaction with attentive service to meet growing customer demand for multi-faceted.

í˘ Service Quality Management measures:
í˝ To do customer service work, improve service quality level as a top priority.
In accordance with a standard (quality of service standard), two methods (quality control methods, the user approach the complainant) and the three systems (service notification system, service notification system, customer satisfaction evaluation system) requirements, developed a "company service standards , "" Company Service Quality Management Regulations "," the company code of conduct for service personnel, "a series of rules and regulations and service processes, customer service standardization and systematization;
í˝ Continuously improve customer service and understanding of philosophy, to create first-class service.
Adhere to the "as customers reduce costs, create value for customers, providing customers with a long-term quality service" service concept, efforts to improve the service for users, like users to think, do users need, solve difficult for users to make their service work has been "starting point, high standard" requirement to carry out.

í˘ Service Quality Management:
í˝ The views of users dealing with
The company's marketing department, with the centralized organization of the company's products after-sales service management, in charge of the sales staff, in charge of the user feedback collection, collation, reporting and specific treatment.
í˝ Quality of incident handling
Major quality problems reported to the company marketing department, quality supervision department and product R & D department, deputy general manager of the coordination of treatment by the company to ensure timely and proper handling of user input.
í˝ Pledge
The establishment of an integrated product after-sale service teams with specific responsibility for products, transportation, technical advisory services and supervision. According to user requirements, can be equipped with specifically responsible for the daily management of the work product.
A 24-hour services to ensure timely delivery of goods designated locations, to ensure that technical service personnel 24 hours after receiving the notice arrived at the designated location.
In the course of upholding the implementation of after-sales service after-sales service management implementation.
Achieve the "four to the scene", namely: product sales to the scene, the product put into operation to the scene, technical services to the scene to gather information to the scene, in short, so that customer satisfaction at the scene.
According to the user's specific needs, constantly developing, designing, improving products.