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R&D Power
R&D Power
¡îAn excellent research and development team

The company has a strong R & D capabilities, business high-quality fine of more than 20 professional R & D team, after many years of technology accumulation and advanced development environment created Zhezhi excellent research and development team. Existing doctoral researchers 2, Master 3, senior engineer 5, the highly educated technical personnel account for over 80%. These talents provide companies with a steady stream of innovative power, and can at any time and on-site conditions of use changes in the development of new products to meet the needs of the user's site for many years to solve many practical problems the user's access to the user acclaim.



¡îA good environment for
R & D company provides a good working environment.
Equipped with advanced computers and other office equipment.

¡îWell-equipped laboratories
The company has synthetic laboratory, kg grade laboratory,
Analytical laboratories.


¡îA wide range of co-operation
Company and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Institute of Physical Chemistry, Daqing Petroleum Institute and other research institutes have established good relations of cooperation. On the one hand for the company to provide a certain degree of technical support; the other hand, sent the company several times to learn the training, in order to update the knowledge of R & D personnel to create a good condition.

¡îThe advanced management mechanism
Companies adhere to the "people-oriented" business purposes. Creation of the "ask for help, staffing, educating people, Jin people, keep people" in human resource development mechanism; the formation of a good human resource development and management system.