Drilling Fluid Technology Serv
£¨1£© We set up a film is different from the conventional mud system ----- block drilling fluid system. The technology is ultra-low penetration of drilling fluid technology and broad-spectrum protection of temporary plugging oil and gas shielding layer technology for organic integration. According to pore throat distributions, select the appropriate size of the reservoir protection additives, adjust the drilling fluid the solid particle size distribution, so that with the reservoir pore throat diameter distribution line, to achieve effective temporary blocking, while taking advantage of film-forming agent of the membrane structure characteristics, both involved in reservoir pore throat plugging, but also rigid particles clogging the micro-pores, thus enhancing the sealing effect. Formation pressure to improve capacity, expansion of security-density windows, to achieve near-zero filtration reservoir protection.

£¨2£©The technology has the following characteristics:
       In the high temperature and pressure of the fluid loss volume is low (less than the standard 25ml), and the formation of filter cake (film) dense, can effectively reduce the amount of follow-up to clean water filtration, water filtration to maintain the volume at 5 ~ 6ml between show that the system has a strong effect of fluid loss.
      Has a strong inhibitory potency on the different regions of the debris recovery mudstone experimental results, its time maintaining a recovery rate of 60 ~ 80%.
      HTHP fluid loss volume of the system are far smaller than the standard 25ml, while the filtration of water volume is very low, indicating the formation of the system has good film-forming block cake effect.
      The system has a good reservoir protective effect of hypertonic core, the core permeability and low permeability core displacement experiments the recovery rate of penetration rate in excess of 90%.