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Note poly (EOR) technology
    Polymer injection can improve the water-oil mobility ratio, so that reservoir affected efficiency. In addition to increasing the viscosity of water, the polyacrylamide in porous media flow will happen when you stay, thereby reducing the rock permeability. When the permeability is lowered, it can promote the follow-up into the fluid shift occurs, affecting the low-permeability layer, enhanced oil recovery, because of their high efficiency characteristics, the company developed a weak gel (intramolecular crosslinking) EOR current offshore oil field applications has been achieved good results.

    For different reservoir, the company developed a new DRK-01 new EOR polymers. The active polymer is a polyacrylamide of molecular chains by means of block and graft, so that polymers with multiple functional groups. The polymer is characterized, in addition to good stability, anti-shear, salt resistance, such as increased viscosity, and viscoelastic properties, but also has good emulsifying properties, can effectively improve the displacement phase and are displacement-and-white mobility ratio, thereby greatly enhance oil recovery.

Test item The range of indicators
Molecular weight£¨×104£© 1900-2200
Intrinsic viscosity£¨dl/g£© 25.6
The degree of hydrolysis£¨mol %£© 26.6
≥1.00mm 4.96
≤0.20mm 4.33
Viscosity£¨mPa..s£© 44.8
Solids£¨Wt%£© 90.3
Mesh factor 97.9
Water Insoluble£¨Wt%£© 0.18
Dissolution rate£¨h£© <2.0