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Sand Prevention of Oil Well
£¨1£©Solid Sand Formulation Research
¡¡¡¡Oil wells for the production process, loose cement developed KG-3 reservoir sand consolidation agent. Its technical features are: grains are loose, non-adhesive, easy to transport; consolidation of high strength (4 ~ 6MPa), sand-retaining ability, after the consolidation of artificial wall permeability (8 ~ 15μm2); curing temperature range ( 30 ~ 80 ¡æ); construction of simple, carrying sand particles and liquid non-toxic, environmental pollution, no corrosion of equipment on the human body without injury; to adapt to single-layer, multi-layer, vertical wells, inclined sand mid-and late requests.

£¨2£©Micro-pressure circulation Sand Control Technology
      The process of construction a smaller scale, on the one hand on the shaft inside the pore and the surrounding stratum perforation filling processing, the near wellbore area produces micro-cracks, lifting the near-wellbore pollution, changes in the original formation of the near-wellbore flow conditions, to help ensure optimum capacity; the other hand, will not be pressed to open the upper and lower water layer, resulting in water, string, flooding, and is especially suitable for bottom water, top water reservoir sand. The process pump into the formation of the working fluid less, reduce secondary pollution, which will help protect the reservoir.