Water Plugging and Profile Con
£¨1£©Profile control (flooding) blocking agent Formulations
      For the oilfield development in the late rise in high water, fast conditions, and study for a series of sandstone reservoir profile modification (flooding) blocking agent. Series formula features: temperature range of 90 ~ 130 ¡æ; salt: 60000mg / L; static gelation time, 8 ~ 48h controllable gelation strength: 18000 ~ 100000mPa. S; compatibility with the polymer particles can carry a block agent compound used to enhance sealing effect, reducing the cost of blocking agents. One study of salt-blocking agent technology to solve the CNOOC Tianjin branch of the water offshore oilfield fast and high-rise issue.

£¨2£©Profile control (drive) plugging agent technology
       Developed for various types of reservoirs, oil wells, large pore, profile control (flooding) plugging agent design software, measures, evaluation software. The software can be qualitatively distinguish large pores, cracks, high-permeability zones exist; for large and small channel pore geometry parameters calculated.

       In order to prevent injection process in the extrusion of polymer gel shear stress damage, combined with manufacturers, they have developed a polymer injection pump.